Payment Methods

A) Bank transfer or E-Banking
Easy, fast and secure you can make your transactions through bank transfers
or electronic payments via E-Banking at the following banks.

Select the Cash on Delivery Method to execute your order.
Deposit the money into one of the above accounts.
Send us the proof of deposit at so that we can proceed with the execution of your order.

Partner banks / IBAN

ALPHABANK : : GR2601406640664002330001827

PANCRETAN : GR42087009700003000002786908

Account holder Emm Bros. Kaparounaki o.e

B) Cash on delivery
You will be charged an additional fee of 2,00 € and you will pay the order to the courier upon delivery.

C) PayPal
Online instant through the website
(Refundable - within 5 working days)

D) By credit or debit card through ALPHABANK

We would like to inform you that during the first time you use your card in our online store you may be asked to
send a copy of your id card as well as the card you used for the transaction
(with only the last 4 digits of the front face visible and with the elements of the three-digit CVV security code on the back covered) has entered into agreements with the largest banking organizations in Greece, such as ALPHABANK for the use of their systems, thus maintaining the highest possible level of security. The security systems have been approved by international organizations/companies, such as Verisign, Microsoft, Visa International & Mastercard Europay.

All transactions on this website are made in Euros.
Prices in other currencies are only indicative and to find out the exact rate you should contact the organization whose card you will use.

the reserves the right to delay any order for security control purposes or even to cancel it.

* The extra costs arise from charges of the company that undertakes the processing of the transaction and are not of the These costs are covered by the customer.