Our Company

We are two brothers who grew up in a family with a tradition in leather goods manufacturing. We loved this art.

We created the company margeo, through which we place our products in the market. Each piece is unique and unique as it is made 100% by hand in our crafts with carefully selected materials and skins of plant tanning processed in Greek tanning. In margeo you will find handmade products such as bags, belts, accessories in a variety of designs that impress over time and remain unchanged over time. They complement your look with style, accessories that have accompanied you for years.

Our long involvement with this creative space fascinates our souls and makes us restless researchers of this art in search of the avant-garde in our field.

We choose high quality Greek leather and raw materials and that's why all our products have a one-year guarantee.

In this way we can stand up to the expectations of our customers who know how to appreciate the quality of the item and their choice honors us.